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Friday, 28 September 2012

Areef Mirza @ 3 months

Berat : 5.4kg

Panjang : 62 cm
Progress :
dah pandai senyum-senyum
dah pandai respon bila di agah
suka tul isap jari sedap sgt.hehe
pandai merajuk kalo lambat bg susu
dh pandai refuse kalo bg fresh milk dlm bottle sbb tau mama ada kt situ. kt nursery elok jek
suka bangat.hehe

sian Areef...3 botol darah kena amik..huhuhu..nsb la Areef cool..nangis kejap je

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Peek-A-Boo Nursing Cover

susah sangat nak tempah nursing & sms x direply....akhirnya ako amik initiative soh ibu wat nursing cover.hehe.pastu ada plak member2 yg dh alang-alang tu..soh ibu ku jahit lebih skit....test market dlu..
ako jahit?? hehe......kang ke lain jadinya.hahah
kalo berminat..leh la sms/whatsapps/call ako ye 012-7247082

Harganya cuma RM35 per pcs
Postage + RM7
Nak COD boleh aje...area Kajang, Bangi, Putrajaya, Semenyih & yg berhampiran la.hehe

Material : 100% Cotton
dijamin sejuk & selesa utk baby

Sambil menyusu leh nngk baby sekali...tu yg namanye Peek-A-Boo..hehe
tu Areef tgh syok nyusu dalam tu.hehe



Thursday, 13 September 2012

Baru Dua...

2 minggu pertama naik kerja lepas maternity...
tak rasa huru hara sangat sebab ibuayah ada kat sini.
balik kerja ibu dh siap masak semua. aqil pn dinner seawal kul 7mlm
areef memang dh selesa & kenyang la
lepas ibuayah balik..bermula la kehidupan yg terkejar-kejar..hahahahha

baru anak 2....dh kena bangun seawal 6pagi..kalo 3 esok xtau la kul bpe ako kena bangun.heheheheh.
kul 6 pagi bangun pam susu..kdg2 terlajak gk la.hahaha
lepas pam susu....solat..mandi...readykn bag pam & susu utk areef kt nursery
kalo areef dh bgn & ako ada ms lg...mandi kn areef la
kalo tak..mengharapkn nursery la mandi kn dia.

kul 7.15 atau plg lewat 7.25 dh musti kuar dari umah
anto areef g nursery..singgah beli breakfast (atau kirim kt farah..hehe..mekasih farah! ilapu la.heheh)
opis ngn umah 10min je semenyih nye jem mcm kerja kt KL daaaa
kdg2 tu sampai opis ngam2 je kul 8 pagi.huhuh
minggu ni nasib baik skit...7.50 dh sampai sebab jalan tak berapa nk jem
sbb bdk2 upsr kena mengena ke? hahha

kt opis cm biase la..kerja..ngular (haha..skit jek)...pam susu..rehat...
kat opis mula2 dulu ako pa 3x sehari....pagi, tghari, ptg
tp skrang ako wt 2 session je...pagi kul 10, dgn ptg kul 3

balik kerja kul 6...biasenye takde la sharp2 kuar opis
sampai nursery plg awal kul 6.30
tp minggu ni agak bz...kul 7 baru pick-up anak-anak..huhuh

sampai umah...kuarkn barang basah...
masak nasi.....kemas stok susu sharian tu...
pastu dok layan aqil wt homework...kalo x mmg x siap la homework dia.
time nk masak ni la areef bukak mata nk menyusu
ada masa lepas susu kalo letak jek menjerit.huhuhuu
kalo en asben dh sampai umah alhamdulillah la..dia leh tlg mane yg patut
kalo x mmg jenuh la.
kadang2 tu kul 9 baru nk mkn malam
pas mkn nk jemur baju la...
lipat baju yg dh bertimbun2 tu la
sambil tu last session mengepam susu lg before tdo.

kalo ada time..mmg layan la cite2 yg dh record siap2...
nasib la ada pvr..hehehehe...
mara ooo. layan ms dlm pantang...sampai skrang rs x leh miss.hahahh

pejam celik kul 10.30-10.45 naik atas....
siapkn bag nursery budak2..iron tudung n bju aqil...
solat...tukar pampers areef..siapkn aqil
sedar2 dah kul 11.30 ke 12 mlm.hukhukuhkuhkuhkuhkuhku
golek2 atas katil..kalo nasib baik cpt la tdo..
kalo tak kul 1 pagi lum tentu lelap.huhuhuhu

baru 2 pn dh rasa terkejar-kejar daa...
camne la ngn org yg anak ramai..berderet2 lak tu ek....hohohohoh
tu pn nasib la Aqil dh beso.banyak menda leh wt sendiri
beruntung gk la ada en asben yg banyak membantu
kalo papa x tlg kt dapur...x tlg layan anak2..x tlg wt kerja kt umah..
mmg la mama meroyan jek selalu.ahaks!

sesungguhnya bersyukur dgn kehadiran hero2 dalam idup ni :-)


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Eid-Fitri 2012

Rasanya masih tak terlambat nak ucapankan Selamat Hari Raya buat semua.
Maaf andai ada salah & silap....
Moga lebaran kali ni memberi seribu makna & kebahagiaan buat semua.
Semoga kita di panjangkn umur utk meraikan Ramadhan pada tahun hadapan..amin!
Ni je la antara gambo yg ada sepjg 2 minggu raya ni.
Sibuk makan..asyik lupa nk amik gambo.kekek

Family hubby @ Raub. kurang 2 family sbb turn dorg blk kg 1 lg.hhehe
1st time amik gambo berempat...additional mirza in the house :-)
Little Mirza......Aqil Mirza & Areef Mirza
Posing ngn mama pulak.hehe
Aqil dgn cousin..Lana Batriesya
Dragon Baby..Areef Mirza & Kiasatina Thufaila 
ramai org ckp muka kteorg sma..sama ke?? cm tak jek.hehe. with my lovely along
Areef posing dgn papa
Areef dh pandai senyum..hehe

Monday, 3 September 2012

The Breastfeeding Diet

Source : ParenThots

The Breastfeeding Diet

Like eating well during pregnancy, eating well while breastfeeding entails getting the right balance of good food.

It's the couch potato's dream - burning up the calories of a five-mile run without leaving your lounge chair. And guess what? That dream is your reality now that you're breastfeeding your little tater tot.

It's true - milk production burns 500 calories a day, which means that when you're breastfeeding, you'll get to eat an extra 500 calories a day (up from your pre-pregnancy numbers) to meet that need - just one of the many benefits of breastfeeding.

Hello, potato chips? Not exactly. Quality matters as much as quantity, especially if you expect to stay vertical during those long postpartum days (and even longer nights). The good news is that you're an old pro at eating well - what with all the practise you've had for the past nine months during your pregnancy.

The even better news is that eating well while breastfeeding is very much like eating well while expecting (see
The Pregnancy Diet), with (best news of all) slightly more relaxed rules.

You'll still be aiming for plenty of healthy foods and steering clear of the less healthy ones (though there's more leeway for indulgences). Plus, while calories definitely count, you still won't need to count them - just follow the Breastfeeding Diet as best you can:

What to eat

Like eating well during pregnancy, eating well while breastfeeding entails getting the right balance of good (and good for you) food. Try to get the following each day:

Protein: three servings

Calcium: five servings (that's an increase from your pregnancy requirement of four)

Iron-rich foods: one or more servings

Vitamin C: Two servings

Green leafy and yellow vegetables, yellow fruits: Three to four servings

Other fruits and veggies: One or more servings

Whole-grain and other concentrated complex carbohydrates: Three or more servings

High-fat foods: Small amounts - you don't need as much as you did during pregnancy

Eight cups of water, juice, or other non-caffeinated, non-alcoholic beverages

DHA-rich foods to promote baby's brain growth (look for it in wild salmon and sardines, as well as DHA-enriched eggs)

Prenatal vitamin daily

What not to eat

Here's the great news: When you're breastfeeding, there's a lot more that can be on the menu than off. But (and here's the less great news), with caveats. It's fine to pop open the cork on that pinot noir you've been pining for (or flip the top on that ale you've been aching for) - but within limits.

Time to pick up your coffee habit where you left off? Depends on how hefty your habit was - more than a cup or two can make junior jittery (and keep you both from getting any sleep). As for safe foods after pregnancy, it's okay to reel in the sushi again, although you should continue to avoid high-mercury fish such as shark, tilefish, and mackerel, and to limit those that may contain moderate amounts of that heavy metal.

What to watch out for

If you have a family history of allergies, it's probably wise to avoid peanuts and foods that contain them (and possibly other highly allergic foods, such as tree nuts - check with the doctor). Also watch out for herbs - even some seemingly innocuous herbal teas. Stick to reliable brands and choose flavours that are considered safe during lactation, including orange spice, peppermint, raspberry, red bush, chamomile, and rosehip.

Read labels carefully to make sure other herbs haven't been added to the brew, and drink them only in moderation. And when it comes to sugar substitutes, aspartame is probably a better bet than saccharine (only tiny amounts of aspartame pass into breast milk), but sucralose is considered safe and a good all-round, low-calorie sugar substitute.

What to watch your baby for

A few mums find that their own diet affects their babies' tummies and temperaments. While what you eat does indeed change the taste and smell of your milk (that happens for all mothers), that's actually a good thing, since it exposes your baby to many different flavours. But some babies can be sensitive to certain foods.

If you suspect that something in your diet is turning baby off his or her feed (or turning his or her tummy), try eliminating the food for a few days to gauge the response. Some of the more common troublemakers are cow's milk, eggs, fish, citrus fruits, nuts and wheat.
Note-to-myself : Sebab tu ako mkn vitamin shaklee utk cover mane yg kurang :-)

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