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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Boys, oh boys!

Things to take note..hehehehehhe...

Source : Paren Thots

We all know that boys and girls are different ... it is stating the obvious. In my home, when I ask my boy to bring a cup from the kitchen, I probably have to ask a few times before he’d comply and then he’d just leave it on the table.

When I ask my daughter for the same thing, she would bring the cup straight away and ask: “Do you want some water?”

There may be feminist movements or gender equality campaigns but ask any parent and they can tell you that boys will be boys. They are filthy but adorable, naughty yet angelic, strong yet helpless. Boys are an intriguing bundle of contradictions, especially during their teenage years.

Clinical psychologist and author Anthony E. Wolf says: “Once adolescence begins, teenage boys go to their rooms, close the door, turn on the stereo, and come out four years later. Be reassured: It’s not anything they’re doing wrong, it’s just a natural (and annoying) part of a boy’s adolescence.”

One mother describes her teenage boy as “living in the land of the “Four I’s,” – acting as if he is “Invulnerable, Invincible, Immortal and Infertile – taking huge risks on a daily basis. What could be more challenging than that?

Why does this happen? Teen boys suddenly find themselves trying to live up to a huge new level of social responsibility. They are expected to “be a man,” to become leaders, wage earners, and models of self-sufficiency. They are expected to succeed in the working world, to be the risk-takers in initiating social and dating relationships, yet remain sensitive and open to females as equals and partners.

Because they feel totally unprepared to meet these challenges, the result can be either fight or flight, which translates into aggression and rebellion, or retreat and withdrawal.
Getting through to boys
Below are some pointers to help us understand and connect with our teen and tween boys:
Gender gapBoys take longer to mature than girls. Simple but true. If we understand this, it will reduce some of the frustration we feel when we compare our sons with our daughters. We have to be careful especially with first-born sons with their sisters who are a couple of years younger.

A younger sister maturing earlier has a good chance of being on par academically and socially with her older brother. She inevitably becomes a threat. This is a common source of sibling rivalry, leaving many eldest boys discouraged. They end up giving their sister a hard time “for no apparent reasons.”

Give them time to mature and develop. Most boys take their time growing up – sometimes a decade or two! Bottom line: Parenting boys takes patience, persistence and perseverance.
The here and nowBoys generally live in the here and now, especially teenage boys. Avoid nagging your teenager about how his current behaviour is going to impact his adulthood.

A 16-year-old who can’t see life beyond next week will not care about what’s going to happen to him when he is 26 or older. For example, if you want to encourage your teenage son to eat less junk and more real food, it’d be more effective to point out that eating healthy will give him good skin and he’d look better, rather than talking to him about benefits like preventing illnesses.
The real culpritMany parents complain that their boys, especially tweens, don’t take instructions very well. They either turn a deaf ear, have delayed response or are plain forgetful.

This is indeed frustrating, as tween boys are misread as having an attitude problem. However, it is not entirely their fault. During early puberty, the brain undergoes major reconstruction. Hence, simple recall can be a problem for boys. It takes a little longer for them to find the right information in the brain until new connections are made. Some even have problem finding the right words to use.

More often than not, it is not that our tween boys are inexpressive or not smart; their developing brain is the culprit and presents them with challenges.

Solution? Say it short and write it down. Give instructions, one at a time, and teach the boys to create a “to-do” list and time-table. This way, it becomes clear and concrete for them.

In his blogpost entitled “Simplicity of Raising Boys,” Australian parenting educator and author Michael Grose suggests: “There is only one thing a mum and dad needs to remember. Boys like to please their mums, and they want their dads to be proud of them.”

Well, use these two tips in the right proportions and you will have a good recipe to calm the boisterous boys and bring out the best in them.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Legoland Annual Pass via Maybankard

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cam menarik jek kn...sebab kalo 1-day pass harga pn mahal gk. watnye x sempat main sume..huhuh
kalo annual pass...leh g byk kali. agak2 penat ke pjg sangat ke Q...balik la.hahahha
nk kena pujuk en asben ni..sebab dia je ada maybankcard.hohooh
How much is the LEGOLAND Malaysia Annual Pass?
Usual Price
Pre-Opening Annual Pass Promotion
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Senior Citizen (above 60)
What is the one-day ticket price for LEGOLAND Malaysia?
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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Coach Chelsea Signature Emerson Satchel

tak sabo tunggu ibu ayah & boy balik bercuti dari sydney esok :-)
sebabnya...ako gatal2 soh dorg survey handbag..since dorg ckp nk g outlet
kekonon ingat leh la dpt handbag coach dlm rm500..hehhehehe
ni sume gara-gara survey online harga cm murah kan dr overseas
nak dijadikan cerita......handbag plak wt hal time raya baru ni..huhu
dh ler tak masuk mmg x pandang la handbag baru..korek2 la handbag lama yg leh pakai.kekekekek
semalam...boy whatsup.....dah beli handbag...
harga nya 277.50aud = RM943.50 <-- PENGSANN!!!!!
serius nk pitam. murah kot bg org mahal oooo bagi ako yg dh 2thn x merasa bonus ni.huhuhu.
harga asal 555aud....adooiii!! mmg la 50% tapi bila convert mahal ooooo!!!
ibu beli 2 jenis...satu lg x jumpa plak gambo dia.huhu.
tp cm berkenan yg bawah ni. beso pn beso.
cmni kena mintak belas ehsan ibu bayo installment ni..hahahhahahah!


Size: •17 3/4" (L) x 13" (H) x 6" (W)

Friday, 24 August 2012

Happy Breastfeeding

Sekejap je dah abis 60 hari pun..ini bermakna...ako dh nak start kerja smbg cuti raya daa.......hukhukhukhukhuk
Menda paling best bila breastfeeding ni...berat kte dpt la turun cepat skit
berat ako before peggy kan Areef 68kg (woo....ako tau..mmg sgt berat n gemok okies...huhuh..nk wt cmne...dlu senang lenang sgt sbb berat turun abis ms bf kan Aqil. lepas tu x sedar diri..makan tak  control.hehe. ako plak jenis yg cpt naik..susah turun ooo...)
Last berat masa peggykan Areef 82kg...hahah..giler kn...
Berat seminggu pas bersalinkan Areef....68kg..yeah..kembali pada pre-peggy weight.
Minggu raya ni..berat ako....64kg ( tau...x kurus mane pn..still gemok pencapaian membanggakn.hehe. sebab sblm ni nk turun 1 kg pn payah.huhu)
Rahsianya.....BREASTFEEDING la beb!
Plus Lecithin Shaklee :-) ni nk buang lemak2 tepu..kekekkeke
Ni training Areef minum dalam botol..since dh nk naik kerja senin far dia accept EBM blk bottle tanpa byk songel cm abg aqil..good boy!!

dan setakat hari la stok susu utk Areef.
agak-agak ada kt 1200 0z kot.ako pn x terkira daa..
Kali ni nye stok mmg kalah time Aqil la. Sampai adik ako ingt ako jual aiskrim.hahhaha..mengong!
Demi Areef mama gigih pam susu 5x sehari :-)
Mudah-mudahan breastfeeding kali ni dipermudahkan..amin!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Kuih Raya

Adoi...dok rumah lagi x cukup masa kan....
nk taip kt blog pn cm x sempat2 jek.huhu
ni pn sebab areef tgh tido..leh la curi masa jap

tahun ni cuma sempat wt badam choc jek. sebabnya gatai tgn amik order.hahaha
pastu x cukup tgn nk wt menda lain.kekek
cornfleks pn x sempat nk wat. cita-cita nk wt 3 jenis kuih since cuti ni kan
hai..idok la.kuih tunjuk jek la jawapnya.haahaha

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Habis berpantang

kejap je masa berlalu...hari ni dah 49 hari pn...
beberapa minggu lagi dh nak naik kerja...waarrgghhhh!!!
Berat Areef masa 1st injection 30 days dh 3.4kg..alhamdulillah
Moga Areef membesar dengan sihat..

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